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EXP303 Pallet Wrapping Machine

Code: EXP.303

The Extend EXP303 Pallet Wrapping Machine is the most cost effective, entry level Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine on the market. Engineered to be easy to use, robust and reliable for wrapping 1 to 20 pallets per day the EXP 303 is a great value wrapping machine.

Designed for a maximum 1200kg load capacity, the EXP303 wrapping machine is the ideal choice for any small business who wants to move away from hand wrapping pallets.

film-stretch-100 pallet-height-2-2 weight-1200 (1) throughput-20 (1)
star-icon Features
  • Operator friendly, freeing your staff to work on other tasks
  • Fast film change over at the end of the roll, no messy threading – saving you time!
  • Automatic height detection – no need to load dimensions for each wrap cycle.
plus-icon Benefits
  • Save money with 200% film stretch - 1 metre film = 3 metre after stretch
  • Program and set your wrapping patterns – saving you time

Technical Specifications

Machine Specifications

  • Pre-Stretch 100%
  • Power Supply 240 Volt
  • Air Supply Needed No
  • Profile Low

Load Handling

  • Max. Load Weight 1200kg
  • Max. Wrap Height 2200mm
  • Turntable Diameter 1500mm
  • Turntable Speed 10 RPM

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Instructions for Use
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