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Strapping Machines

EMD Packaging Systems provides a range of semi-automatic strapping machines to secure your products and cartons with plastic PET strap. EMD is the exclusive Extend Packaging supplier partner in Australia. We have stock of all Extend models and they are ready for immediate delivery.

The Extend range of strapping equipment includes high quality models such as the EXS-206 and EXS-128 which are easy to install and operate.  

A broad range of complimentary equipment, including high-speed options and conveyor tables for entry and exit, is available that allow these strapping systems to be custom engineered to meet your specific requirements.

All our strapping machines come with a Standard One Year EMD Packaging Warranty.

We also offer a wide range of high performance Plastic PET Strapping, making EMD your one-stop shop for all your packaging needs.

Check out our Fast Product Finder to see which EMD Strapping Machines are best suited to your needs or contact us by phone or email for expert advice.

  • EMD Packaging EXS206 Strapping Machine

    EXS206 Strapping Machine

    The EXS 206 strapping machine requires you to manually feed the strap around the carton, it can then be activated by the start button to tension and seal the strap.

    Price $979.00
  • EMD Packaging TP601 Strapping Machine

    TP601 Strapping Machine

    The TP601 Strapping Machine is designed for Polypropylene (PP) Strap 8mm to 12mm in width. 

    Price $4,571.88