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EMD Machine Warranty

To provide you with peace of mind all EMD stretch wrapping, strapping and carton taping equipment includes a one year warranty covering structural components and non-wearing parts effective from the date of delivery to your site.

EMD Warranty FAQs

How do I register my free packaging equipment warranty?

We’ll take care of that for you. Your warranty will be registered automatically using your business contact information on the order.

How long is a new EMD Packaging Systems machine warranty?

Every machine comes with our standard EMD one year warranty.

What is covered by the EMD warranty?

All structural components and non-wearing parts are covered

What warranty terms are available on other manufacturers products purchased through EMD Packaging Systems

All products purchased through EMD Packaging Australia carry our EMD standard one year warranty. Where products we source offer a longer warranty in Australia, an extended warranty may be available. Check our terms of sale for full terms and conditions.

Are new or refurbished parts used for repairs and do they come with a warranty?

Only new parts are used for warranty claims and they will be the same brand and identical in every way. In the unlikely event that the same part fails more than once during the warranty period an investigation of the cause may be required to ensure the fault is not due to external influences and in most instances EMD Packaging Systems will send the part away to the original manufacturer for further investigative testing before re-warrant the part..  

Does EMD Packaging Systems need to service my machine to maintain warranty?

An EMD approved service technician is required to service your machine every six months to maintain the warranty.

How often should I service my machine to maintain machine integrity?

Packaging equipment should be serviced at least every six months to ensure its reliable service.

For equipment working under extreme conditions or harsh environments more frequent maintenance is recommended. Your EMD Service Representative will be happy to work with you to confirm your service requirements.